Simbata Umitbaja


 I am from Kazakhstan and such a wonderful city Shymkent. By the way, it is the capital city of South Kazakhstan Region. You really need to visit it if you have never been there. I have already been in Latvia for 3 years. I am a student of Turiba University in the Faculty of Tourism.

The first thing is that if you really want to understand the Latvian culture, you should start from its cuisine. Because their traditional dishes and beverages such as kvass, those with mushrooms, and everything with dark rye bread are rather specific but you must try to feel its national coloring and I like to try something new. I can say that their traditional food is quite heavy as the cuisine of Russian because of the USSR. To my mind, the second thing is, of course, nature. It is so picturesque when you can enjoy not only flat area but some reliefs, such as hills, the river Gauja and forests in Sigulda. I guess it is one of my favorite place, especially in spring, when you can feel the re-birth of the year. Until this moment I have seen just this nature in autumn with wide gamma of colorful leaves but I am willing to go there this winter to have a new look on it. But for sure, I do not like the weather here, the high level of humidity and never-stopping rain.

Dzejolis: Mana dziesma (Fricis Bārda)

Kam savu dziesmu es dziedu?
Es dziedu to smilgām un zālei,
un paceplīšam uz zara.
Un vējam. Un zilajai tālei.

Un kūpoša lagzdu krūma
dzeltainam puteklītim.
Un sūnu lācīšam zaļam.
Un dziestošam auseklītim.

Un baltajai brīnumu pilij,
kas zvaigznēs un ugunīs visa.
Un neprātam, spārnu kas sauca.
Un sirdij, kam gaisma dzisa – –